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6554 S Kanner Hwy Stuart, FL 34997

Buy Phenytoin (Dilantin) - Generic Phenytoin without prescription

Specializing in Corrective Color

Beautiful hair color is one of the specialties of our Stuart FL hair salon!  We have been highly trained in all of the lastest creative color techniques including ombre color, balayage, glazing, specialty highlights, and sombre color, a special variation of ombre color!   We have a full spectrum of professional color services from all over color to foil highlights to options for covering gray.   Make an appointment for a personal hair color consultation with one of our specialists.

Priced by consultation, Starting at $120.00


  Women (Single process)        

Base color $50.00
Chromatics Base $60.00
Virgin color $80.00 & up
Lift & tone $85.00
Creative color $40.00 & up


Hair $50.00
Beard color $20.00
Brow color $10.00
Creative color $40.00 & up

Foils Re-Growth

Crown Foil $50.00 & up
Partial (1/2 Head) $70.00 & up
Entire Head $100.00 & up
Lowlights Add $15.00
Multi Tones Add $25.00

Virgin Hair

Crown Foil $50.00 & up
Partial (1/2 Head) $90.00 & up
Full Head $125.00 & up

We only use the best color our industry has to offer… So with Schwarzkopf’s Royal, 10 Minute Color & Absolutes plus Redkin’s Chromatics, Color Gels & Fusion… the only color you’ll get is the one that turns heads !!

Discover why we are among the best hair salons in Stuart FL!