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Few things can transform your image as quickly as a professional haircut & style from our Stuart FL hair salon. 

* Longer Hair Extra When It Requires Extra Time & Attention

Our master stylists have the advanced training and experience to create any style that you can imagine, from dramatic and trendy to classic and conservative.   We will begin your appointment with a personal consultation to learn more about you, your hair, and your preferences before creating a fabulous custom look designed just for you.

WOMEN *All Cuts Include Shampoo

Wash & Cut $32.00
Wash, Cut & Style $42.00 & up
Wash & Blow-Dry $27.00 & up

Flat Iron Service (Addition to Blow-Dry)

Short Hair add $5.00
Long Hair add $10.00 & up
Updo’s $50 & up (prices based on consultation)

MEN *Includes Shampoo, Cut & Finish

Wash. Cut & Finish $20.00
Beard Trims $5.00 to $10.00
Two Week Clean Up $10.00 (Perimeter Clean Up Only)

KIDS CUTS (under 12) *All Cuts Include Shampoo

Wash & Cut $15.00
Wash, Cut & Style $25.00